"Lamby Lynn." that was the nickname my first boyfriend gave me. Back then, I was all about bending over backward for others, clueless about my wants, and placing more value on others' opinions than mine.
The journey brought a lot of pain, regret, and disappointment. The fiery energy within me had been squashed down by trauma, and for years, I found myself surrounded by people demonstrating the negative aspects of that fire. It took until my fifties to muster up a bit of backbone, and the struggle sometimes persists. The need to please runs deep.
Now, here I am in Hawaii at the enchanting Purya retreat center, fresh out of an intense breathwork session. It dawned on me—I am that Lamb, but I am also the Lion, and I am love. The Lion can be gentle and loving, and the Lamb can be strong. I've even experienced the power of adult Lambs (ok a sheep) firsthand (ever been headbutted by one during a medication attempt? I have, and it's a testament to their strength).
It's time to let go of the old story, that old nickname, Lamby Lynn, and step into the powerful goddess combo of Lamb, Lion, and Love!

What's your journey been like in discovering and embracing different facets of your inner strength and love and embracing your inner goddess? Share your experiences and celebrate the powerful combination of Lamb, Lion, and Love together! 🌟

PS: I think the word Aloha demonstrates this mixture of lion, lamb, and love perfectly.  Living in harmony with others while maintaining love and respect for all. 


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